California's #1 Ignition Interlock

We charge one monthly payment that includes all calibration and service fees.  Installation is free in every vehicle regardless of year or model.

Ignition Interlock Device Price Matching

We offer the lowest price to install and calibrate an ignition interlock device in California.  

*If you find somebody with a better deal than us, we'll match it and give you $25 off.  

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Free Installation Is Included On All Vehicles

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What does an interlock cost?

Don't pay two companies for one service!  Lifesafer is the only provider in California that includes calibration, installation, and equipment rental on an ignition interlock for one monthly cost.  Our competitors will send you to mechanics that will charge you separately.

We stand by our price.  We charge one monthly fee of $92.  If you find a better deal on an ignition interlock we will match their price and give you a $25 credit.  This includes all required services for the interlock:  installation, calibration, as well as court and DMV paperwork,  are included.



$92.00 Per Month

  • FREE Installation
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Calibrations Included
  • Company Service Centers
  • 24/7 Bilingual Support Staff
  • Price Matching


$200.00 Upfront Cost

  • Up-Charge on Most Vehicles Installation $100-$200
  • $65-$90+ Per Month
  • Calibration Fees Every 60 Days = +$30
  • Sub-Contracted Services
  • No Local Employees
  • Hidden Fees
  • Mail in Rebates