Ignition Interlock Device

Restoring Your Driver’s License with an IID

It can be difficult to maintain your independence without a license, especially if you have had it suspended for driving under the influence. Loss of driving privileges due to a DUI conviction causes:

  • Loss of contact with loved ones
  • Loss of time due to commute to work on public transportation
  • Loss of the feeling of freedom


These aspects of your life impact everything you do - if you lose time due to your work commute, you may begin to feel the effects of burnout. If you lose contact or even time with your loved ones because you cannot travel to go visit them, it is time you can never get back. Especially in rural areas, visiting loved ones via personal transportation can be the only way. While carpooling with coworkers is always an option, wouldn't it be nice to be the one driving, again?


If your driver's license has been revoked or suspended due to a DUI offense, there are still options available to you that can help you gain your independence back. While many options include hefty fees or hidden costs, there is an option out there that fits your budget - install an Ignition Interlock Device by LifeSafer. This device is easy to use and can help you get back on the road, with your independence in tact. While other companies try to get you to pay all the money upfront, this company offers a $25 off coupon when you sign up online! There's nothing to lose and everything to gain with the lease of this device. Read below to find out more. 


LifeSafer’s Ignition Interlock Installation Benefits 

Expediency. This device is fast! Some alcohol breathalyzer tests can take up to five minutes to return results; this device takes only thirty seconds to deliver results! While this small amount of time may not seem like a lot to you now, rest assured, when you're trying to get out the door to work, five minutes can mean a lot to you! 


Accuracy. In order to prevent interference, which is a common concern with many products out there on the market today, the device used by LifeSafer employs an alcohol specific fuel cell. This alcohol specific fuel cell prevents false positives. Imagine being sober and doing exactly what you're supposed to do, only to find that when you go to use your device, it displays a positive result and you're locked out of your car! Not only can false positives be frustrating and dehumanizing, false positives can prevent you from utilizing your car in a timely fashion. Rest assured, with this device, you won't have to worry about this common error. This device is meant to guarantee that no one under the influence of alcohol is running the vehicle - and it does exactly that. 


Sanitary While you might not think it, the sanitary aspect of this product is actually a very important piece of information to consider when you are looking for an alcohol breathalyzer. When the state of California first authorized the usage of these devices in 1988, they had mouthpieces that were permanent and users were unable to remove, clean, or sanitize them. The usage of unclean mouthpieces can, obviously, cause some very serious health concerns. With our interlock the user blows into the device to provide a breath sample which, when passed, allows the ignition system to start the vehicle.  After the iid installation the device will prevent the vehicle from starting unless a breath sample is provided.  We provide you with several mouth pieces for your convenience.


IID Installation is fast and Easy!

Losing your ability to drive can be a scary and unsettling thing to go through - but not with this device! Consider leasing an Ignition Interlock Device from LifeSafer. There are several benefits to installing with our company versus competitors. Among these include the FREE installation that occurs with every device! That's right - when you lease our device and agree to the monthly fee, installation is included in your purchase. In addition to free installation, our representatives have direct contact with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). This connection allows us to retrieve information about perspective candidates for installation. Our connection to the DMV also allows the faster and more accurate processing of paperwork - so we can get you back on the road as fast as possible. A court ordered dui car breathalyzer can be an invaluable resource to getting you back on the road - and we're here to help! 


Many people who have been charged with a DUI offense don't realize the benefit of an alcohol breathalyzer. While not driving while intoxicated is obviously the best choice for our roads and our people, many people have trouble making the right decision when it comes to this choice. So, allow our product to take some of the burden off of you! If you have a child or a relative who was recently driving under the influence and has now had their license revoked, consider having an interlock device installed! While no one wants to have to install a monitoring device, our alcohol breathalyzer allows for everyone to know that the vehicle being operated is operated safely and securely. 


This device is an invaluable resource for all those individuals who have, unfortunately, been involved in a DUI offense. Living without a license can be a very hard life to adjust to: no freedom, no independence and the loss of the ability to visit your loved ones. Well, with the Ignition Interlock Device, you won't have to worry any longer! With our connection to the DMV, in addition to our already proven client base, it may be time for you to get your independence back and install our device, today!

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