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Why am I locked out?

We don’t have the ability to lock a device remotely.  Lockouts will occur 7 days after a service appointment is missed.  Devices will lockout sooner after a high BAC fail, tampering, or multiple power disconnects are detected.  If both lights are solid you should call our office.  If the lockout light is the only solid light then a high BAC has been detected.  The device will unlock on its own within 24 hours, based on the reading.

Will the device ever shut off my vehicle?

No, our device interfaces with the starter, not the engine’s on-board computer.  Even if a test is failed after the car has been started it will not cut power to the engine.  Instead, it will log test, and go into recall mode.  You will have 3-7 days to contact our office before the device locks out, based on the BAC detected.

How can I blow into the device while I am driving?

The device allows 2 full minutes when it prompts for a running retest before it considers the test missed.  You will quickly become familiar with the device and it’s audio prompts allow for you to keep your eyes on the road the entire time.  Failing to submit a retest will be logged as a missed retest.

Why does your device require you to hum while others don’t?

The State of California requires all ignition interlock devices to have an anti-circumvention module in order to be compliant with DMV regulations.  Devices that do not have this feature will not be able to provide the proper forms to restore your license, nor be able to report to court entities.

How often do I have to blow into the device?

Each time the car is started a breath sample will be required.  Once the vehicle is running the device will prompt you to retest with decreasing frequency as you travel.  This is to prevent operators of vehicles to have others submit a test for them and drive home intoxicated.  While the device would not shut the vehicle off it will alert the driver and eventually honk the vehicle’s horn as a warning.

When can I get my device removed?

If you’re on a DMV ordered program you can contact MAU(Mandatory Actions Unit) at (916)657-6525.  If you are court ordered you will need to contact the courthouse of the county you were convicted in.  If you believe your removal date is within the next month you can request our office check for you.