California Ignition Interlock Pricing

The costs involved with an ignition interlock in California don’t have to be confusing. LifeSafer makes it easy with one low monthly of only $92 per month.

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Paying for your ignition interlock device

Introducing LifeSafer California, your ultimate choice for ignition interlock services, setting a new standard in affordability and convenience. We’re proud to be the exclusive brand that provides FREE installation along with a comprehensive interlock package, all at an astonishingly low monthly rate of just $92. This all-inclusive package covers calibration, leasing, and assistance with court and DMV paperwork, making it the ideal choice for your ignition interlock needs. No hidden fees, no surprises – and if you find a lower price for ignition interlock devices, we’ll match it and sweeten the deal with an extra $25 credit.

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$92 per month – Free Installation. Free Calibrations, and Lowest Payment in California.

LifeSafer California stands out as the budget-friendly leader in the IID market. While our competitors’ rates are anywhere between $99 and $250, we offer a streamlined package that combines installation, calibration, leasing, and paperwork assistance, sparing you the hassle of separate payments. Why risk overpaying for installation when you can trust LifeSafer’s dedicated technicians? Our competitors often times direct you to independent mechanics, adding extra costs that we initially avoid.

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