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We are LifeSafer, California’s top-rated ignition interlock provider. We provide access to the best device on the market at one low monthly cost. We are here to ensure that your ignition interlock experience is quick, simple, and affordable. Wherever you are located in California, LifeSafer is your trusted provider for your ignition interlock needs.

Only LifeSafer offers simple pricing on ignition interlock services in California. With one low monthly payment of that covers installation, calibrations and more, you can get back on the road quickly and affordably.


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California Ignition Interlock Laws and Requirements

Navigating the California ignition interlock laws and requirements is important to your success. California outlines the specific requirements around installation, monitoring, and reporting of your interlock device and program. LifeSafer is your trusted provider for making sure you adhere to the state guidelines of California.

California Installation Locations

Convenient, Company Owned and Operated Locations

LifeSafer has convenient company owned locations throughout California. Other providers use contractors for their installations. That you means you have to pay their installation fees and calibration fees while also dealing with a non-standardized installation. Choosing LifeSafer puts your mind at ease with our company owned shops, local technicians, and local customer support.