California Ignition Interlock Costs & Pricing

The cost of your ignition interlock device is an important part to consider. LifeSafer makes your life easier by charging one low monthly price of $92. Installation and Calibrations are included. No hidden fees or installation fees like other providers.

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Is LifeSafer the Most Affordable Ignition Interlock Device?

LifeSafer is the most affordable ignition interlock device in California. At only $92 per month, the competition does not even come close. If you find a better price, we will match it and give you an additional $25 off. Find out why LifeSafer is the top ignition interlock device today.

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LifeSafer offers the most simple and affordable pricing in California. One low monthly price that includes Free Installation, Free Calibrations, and more. See how the competition compares.


per month

Free Installation

Free Calibrations

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Smallest & Easiest to Use Device


Install Fees

$110+per month

Installation Fees of $200+

Calibration Fees of up to $50

No Company Owned Shops

No Price Matching

Hidden Fees