Ignition Interlock Device Installation Free Installation on
All Vehicles!

lifesafer ignition interlock device for vehicle

Truly Free Ignition Interlock Installation

Don't be misled by false promises of a lower price or free installation.  Lifesafer is the only interlock provider in California that  does not use shops that charge additional fees, mail in rebates, or require a minimum IID requirement to receive the best pricing.  IID installation is free on all vehicles.

Ignition Interlock Device Cost

We have a very simple, everything is included, pricing structure.  We do not charge any shop or service fees in addition to our monthly cost.

We offer a pay as you go program that that costs $75 per month and includes all calibration, service, and the lease on the device.  Installation is always free.


Price Match Guarantee

We will match or beat any interlock provider in California.  We don't split fees with other companies like our competitors.  Simply provide a quote from a competitor and we will match it.

Restoring Your Driver's License

We can help you get your license restored quickly and help you understand the whole process. We have a network to help you get back on the road. 

Step One

Install CA State Licensed LifeSafer Ignition Interlock Device (IID)

Step Two

Maintain enrollment in a CA licensed DUI Program. (DUIP). Search for a school here.

Step Three

Purchase SR22 Proof of Insurance. We can provide you with references.


We can get you back on the road immediately! Schedule your free installation!

At LifeSafer we charge one monthly fee of $75 and have a free installation on any vehicle make or model for our ignition interlock device.

Lifesafer is the only IID provider in California that includes calibration and equipment rental on an ignition interlock device for one low monthly cost and has FREE installation.

Our competitors will send you to mechanics that will charge you separately.

We stand by our price.

If you find a better deal on an ignition interlock we will match their price and give you a $25 credit.

This includes all required services for the interlock:  installation, calibration, as well as court and DMV paperwork, are included.