Price Matching.

We offer the lowest price in the industry with full transparency.  The price you’re given is the price you pay.  We are the only company in California that does not sub-contract our services through third parties.  This ensures your location stays the same and that no extra fees are charged to pay a second company!

No hidden fees.

We use a very simple consumer-sided method of assigning fees.  Everybody gets a warning for any instance that would result in a penalty.  If you ever accidently violate the program unknowingly, your device’s service and lockout lights will begin to flash.  When you return to the service center our technician will explain exactly how and when the violation happened, as well as explain how to avoid it in the future.  He will then reset your device at no cost and notate the event in the logs.

Experience and Reliability

Lifesafer of Northern California has helped DUI offenders get their license back by providing IID breathalyzers for over 20 years.  We have thousands of locations throughout the nation which allows you to travel or relocate without having to switch providers or possibly pay an installation fee.  The FC100 ignition interlock device has all the features and reliability you’d expect, backed by 24-hour support via phone or live chat.

This location features:

Price matching.
Free installation on all vehicles.
Free mobile installation within 10 miles of the service center.
Phone: (209) 337-3001
Fax: (831) 647-8023